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“What gives us energy, what breathes life in us, are our stories, which no one else can claim. The culmination of our experiences is what defines how we interact with people and the world around us. All of these things make you unique; they make you the best version of you.”

- Christina Maria Martinez


When Christina Martinez tells the story of her modest upbringing, she does so with an appreciative happiness. Although her childhood was filled with many ups and downs, a bright smile fittingly defines her memories as full of life’s lessons. Domestic violence, substance abuse and ultimately, growing up, she remembers her time spent in a Children's Home in Arkansas. She spent her childhood moving between New Jersey, California, New Orleans, Chicago, and Texas where music always served as a soundtrack to mold her determined demeanor. Even now, Christina’s humble start remains the underlying melody for her continued success.

As a young woman, Christina made it her goal to one day teach music as a form of therapy and healing to victims of trauma. But while studying at San Antonio College, her trajectory was altered forever. In June of 1998 she was involved in a car accident. She sustained a broken wrist, ankle, and facial disfigurement that required multiple surgeries and skin grafts. “I feel like my family has had my back forever,” says Christina as she remembers the resulting surgeries, being confined to a wheelchair and her months-long recovery process.

Her strong community of family and friends, along with her then boyfriend, now husband, Tomas, played a huge role in her physical and emotional well-being. 


“My friends and family gave me courage to make it until tomorrow,” says Christina. “At one point in my life I realized tomorrow was worth living for. Today may seem difficult, but tomorrow? It offered me hope.”


Music continues to be a major part of her life. In 2013, on the 15th Anniversary of her accident, Christina performed at San Antonio’s Arneson River Theater. The concert benefitted a local San Antonio nonprofit who's mission is to serve families with children in need of facial reconstructive surgery. Christina captivated an audience of family, friends and supporters with her gift of song, recapturing her tragic day, and transforming its memory into a story of resurgence.

Christina and Tomas, use their life experiences to help inspire through their personal and professional development courses, speaking engagements and hosted conferences. Christina and Tomas are proud business owners in Texas, spending much of their time and resources supporting their community, especially in the spirit of education. “I never saw myself as an entrepreneur,” Christina admits and humbly acknowledges that the skills to run her businesses have stemmed from mentors, a natural ability to innovate, and the unconditional support of her husband and son, Enzo. Christina looks at her influence and accomplishments  and is grateful everyday that she made it to her tomorrow. 










photo by Elizabeth Homan


photo by Elizabeth Homan

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